2016 AGNSW Art after Hours


  • Time and date:
    7.30 pm, 13 April 2016
  • Venue:
    Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
  • Director:
    Vi King Lim
  • Description:
    Langen Suka is a Sydney ensemble dedicated to the performance of traditional Javanese gamelan. With its interlocking and cyclical melodies and rhythms, Javanese gamelan combines gongs of all sizes, bronze chimes, xylophones, drums and flute with sung poetry evoking the ancient Hindu-Buddhist past of Java. For the Art Gallery of New South Wales’ Art after Hours in association with the 20th Biennale of Sydney, Langen Suka will present a selection of instrumental and vocal pieces ranging from haunting and meditative to thundering and majestic – an hour of music designed to calm the soul and revive the spirit.


Andari Anggamulia, Diane Coghlan, Giles Gaskell, Jaki Gaskell, Roger Gilchrist, Grace Hadiwijaya, Richard Horsley, Tracy Kinchington, Vi King Lim, Janine Marshman, Randal Perkins, Savita Sanderson, Christopher Sassine, Lucy Surtandi, Lip Li Teh, Terry Woronov, Caitlin Yeo


  1. Ketawang Langen Suka, laras pelog pathet barang
  2. Gendhing Dhenggung Turulare, laras pelog pathet lima
  3. Ladrang Sri Rejeki, laras pelog pathet nem
  4. Beksan Endah (Ayak-Ayakan Mangu, laras pelog pathet nem; Ladrang Enggar-Enggar kalajengaken Lancaran Makarya, laras pelog pathet barang)
  5. Lancaran Baita Kandhas/Ladrang Gangsaran/Gangsaran, laras pelog pathet nem