Langen Suka LogoWelcome to the website of Langen Suka Gamelan Music Inc., an association dedicated to traditional Javanese gamelan music in Sydney. Javanese gamelan is something that anyone with or without musical training can learn to play. In Java, gamelan is viewed as a representation of an ideal and harmonious society in which each individual plays an integral part according to their own character, talents and abilities. While our members come from diverse backgrounds and parts of Sydney, we get together at our weekly practices to play this unique and beautiful music as well as socialising, as the Javanese do, while we enjoy a snack or two during breaks.

This website was launched in January 2016 and was updated and expanded with additional information and features:

  • Learn about the history of the association.
  • View current and past members.
  • Find out about upcoming events.
  • Browse through our archive of past events.
  • Learn to play Javanese gamelan through our courses.
  • Download free resources such as notation for learning gamelan.
  • Contact us for information about how to visit us or how to hire us for a performance.

Vi King Lim
Director and President
Langen Suka Gamelan Music Inc.