General Enquiries

To find out more about Langen Suka or if you’d like to visit us, contact us via email,

Play gamelan with Langen Suka

If you are interested in playing Javanese gamelan in Sydney, send us an email for further information. Membership is required to join Langen Suka, however there are also eight-week Beginners Group Courses that run throughout the year for those with elementary or no prior experience of gamelan. Tell us about yourself and we will let you know what opportunities are currently available for you to play gamelan.

If you are interested in learning Javanese dance or if you already perform Javanese dance and wish to collaborate with the gamelan, send us an email and we will be in touch.

Hire Langen Suka for Performance or Workshop

Whether you’re looking for unobtrusive background music or spectacular musical and dance numbers to enhance your event, Langen Suka can provide live entertainment that’s a little different and unusual. Over the years Langen Suka has performed in a variety of contexts including:

  • Events and functions such as conferences, exhibition openings and formal dinners
  • Traditional Javanese weddings and ceremonies
  • Featured acts at arts festivals

If you’re looking to have Javanese gamelan music at your event, please be aware that a full group normally involves between 10 to 20 players and the hire of a truck to transport the instruments. Javanese gamelan also sounds best in an enclosed or semi-covered space rather than outdoors in the open.

Javanese gamelan is also excellent for workshops involving either children or adults as it is possible to learn to play an entire piece in the space of a hour without any prior knowledge or musical training. Due to the difficulty and cost of transporting the instruments, all gamelan workshops must to be held at our venue at Ultimo, Sydney where the instruments reside.

Send us an email and we will be more than happy to discuss your performance/workshop requirements.


Langen Suka’s Members Group holds weekly gamelan practices throughout most of the year on Tuesday evenings from 6.30 to 8.30 pm at a venue in Ultimo near Sydney Fish Market.

If you would like to drop by at one of these practices, contact us by email to notify us of your visit, so that we can provide you with details of the venue.