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After a long absence, Langen Suka returns to the stage with a concert of Javanese gamelan music performed by the full ensemble of fifteen instrumentalists and singers together with guest artist Ria Soemardjo, under the direction of Vi King Lim.

This musical offering of classics from the traditional repertoire showcases the gentle, mesmerising character of Javanese gamelan – soulful vocals interweaving with a rich sonic tapestry of mellow gongs, metal chimes and drums.



Ria Soemardjo, guest artist
Vi King Lim, director
Langen Suka

Ria Soemardjo is a Melbourne based vocalist with a passion for collaborations across a diverse range of genres and artforms. Her distinct, haunting vocal style and musicality reflects her Australian/Javanese cultural heritage and a deep appreciation for the timbres, rhythmic complexity and the ceremonial association of Balinese and Javanese gamelan traditions. Ria has studied the Javanese classical vocal repertoire during regular trips to Java and is also a long-term member of Gamelan Dananda, a Melbourne based Balinese ensemble. She has created and performed music for many independent contemporary dance and theatre projects in Australia and Asia. Her evocative, textured soundscapes are often performed live using an eclectic array of unusual instruments including voice, gamelan, frame drums and her own handcrafted clay flutes and drums. Ria’s most recent works reflect her deep interest in developing powerful contemporary performance/rituals, often in response to natural or urban sites. A sought after collaborator, recent performance highlights include appearances at the Oz Asia Festival, Canberra National Festival, Port Fairy Folk Festival and Melbourne Recital Centre (album launch for her trio Fine Blue Thread). With long term collaborator, choreographer/dancer Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal, Ria recently premiered a new dance/music work Ngayomi/Shelter at Bundanon Art Gallery and in Sydney, as part of the Sound Body duet season, presented by Intimate Spectacle.

Vi King Lim has been Director of Langen Suka since 1997. In 1995, he embarked on an Indonesian government scholarship to study Javanese gamelan and dance for two years in Surakarta, Indonesia. He studied at the Sekolah Tinggi Seni Indonesia, Surakarta, as well as having private lessons with prominent musicians and dancers at the Mangkunegaran court. On his return to Sydney in 1997, he taught the student ensemble Gamelan Kyai Kebo Giro at the University of Sydney, as well as giving courses and lectures and completing a Master of Music there in 2004. He has choreographed several dance works including Panji Sekar (1998), Klana Kanyut (1999) and The Banishment of Sekar Taji (2002).


  1. Ketawang Langen Suka, laras slendro pathet manyura
  2. Ladrang Slamet, laras pelog pathet lima
  3. Gendhing Okrak-Okrak, laras slendro pathet manyura
  4. Ketawang Subakastawa, laras slendro pathet sanga
  5. Ladrang Pariwisata, laras slendro pathet sanga
  6. Ladrang Sri Rejeki, laras pelog pathet nem Lancaran Manyar Sewu, laras slendro pathet manyura


$30 full / $25 concession

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Indonesian Community Council of New South Wales Inc.