2014 Gamelan Performance of Music from Central Java

Gamelan Performance Nov 2014 FlyerPerformance details

  • Time and date:
    4 pm, 14 June 2014
  • Venue:
    Old Darlington School, University of Sydney
  • Director:
    Vi King Lim
  • Guest artists:
    David Shannon, Caitlin Yeo
  • Description:
    Experience the sound of gamelan, the traditional orchestra of Indonesia. In this performance Langen Suka Sydney Gamelan Association will take you on a journey of melodic interplay, with repertoire ranging from the ethereal, traditional court music of Central Java to lively, modern interpretations of famous gamelan music. Under the artistic direction of Vi King Lim, the performance will take place as a tradition Javanese klenengan, where guests are invited to relax and enjoy music in an informal environment.