2006 Symbols and Ceremonies: Indonesian Textile Traditions

Performance details

  • Time and date:
    7.30 pm, 3 & 10 May 2006
  • Venue:
    Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
  • Director:
    Vi King Lim
  • Description:
    Two evening performances given in conjunction with the gallery’s exhibition Symbols and Ceremonies: Indonesian Textile Traditions (13 April–28 May 2006). The performance includes a mixture of styles ranging from the bold and exuberant to refined and delicately textured pieces, featuring the softer instruments of the ensemble weaving complex patterns around a main melody.


Anne Bourke, Dale Caldwell, Giles Gaskell, Prue Gibbs, Roger Gilchrist, Grace Hadiwijaya, Tracy Kinchington, Vi King Lim, Janine Marshman, Peggy Polias, Belinda Poon, Frank Regan, David Shannon, Thomas Stewart, Greg Thomas, Danny Yee


  1. Ladrang Slamet, laras pelog pathet lima
  2. Gendhing Pramugari, laras pelog pathet barang
  3. Ketawang Subakastawa, laras pelog pathet nem
  4. Lancaran Baita Kandhas, Ladrang Gangasaran, Gangsaran, laras pelog pathet nem