2004 Puspanjala: Weaving Tapestries of Flowers

Puspanjala FlyerPerformance details

  • Time and date:
    3 pm, 28 November 2004
  • Venue:
    Old Darlington School, University of Sydney
  • Director:
    Vi King Lim
  • Description:
    An afternoon of the traditional and modern gamelan orchestra – evoking the ancient world of Java through live music, dance, song and verse and celebrating the 5th anniversary of Langen Suka. Langen Suka Sydney Gamelan Association has been performing, holding workshops, featuring in festivals, teaching classes, and promoting Javanese culture and performing arts in Australia for five years. On 28 November 1999, this association was launched in Sydney under its present name at an enormously successful performance of gamelan music, song and dance entitled Puspawarna: Many Kinds of Flowers. Now, exactly five years later, Langen Suka wishes to revisit the spirit of that original launch and to recognise the expansion and development of the association’s work as one of Australia’s leading Indonesian arts ensembles. Langen Suka has blossomed as an arts group since that time and has also expanded its reach through contact not only with other artists and lovers of Indonesian culture, but with the greater community by promoting Javanese arts and performance. It has been a joy for the association to see develop over this time, through its activities, a network of people who have been linked together by the common appreciation of one of Australia’s largest and closest ancient cultures. In the Javanese arts the flower can mean a musical phrase or song; a blossoming of sound; an expression of dance or movement; and an individual, in character and appearance. Whereas the “many flowers” of the Puspawarna performance five years ago represented the many varied sounds, musical and dance pieces of the traditional Javanese gamelan, now for this anniversary concert Langen Suka is celebrating how those flowers have joined with many others to form a web, a net, a tapestry: Puspanjala. In its role now of interlocking and interwoven activities within varied communities, as well as its promotion of building stronger links between those communities, we would like to celebrate with you a part of our tapestry of flowers.


(incomplete listing)
Camilla Ip, Vi King Lim, Antonia Olaes, Peggy Polias, Frank Regan, Savita Sanderson, Thomas Stewart, Thomas Sutomo, Danny Yee


  1. Ketawang Langen Suka, laras pelog pathet barang
  2. Gendhing Dhenggung Turulare, laras pelog pathet lima
  3. Bawa Palugon katampen Ketawang Puspanjala, laras pelog pathet nem
  4. Topeng Gunungsari (Gendhing Bondhet kethuk 2 kerep minggah 4 kalajengaken kebaran Bondhet Mataraman diseling Ladrangan, laras pelog pathet nem)
  5. Jineman Uler Kambang, laras pelog pathet nem
  6. Langgam Ora Nglindur, laras pelog pathet nem
  7. Gendhing Jangkung Kuning kethuk 2 kerep minggah 4 kalajengaken Ladrang Randha Ngangsu, laras pelog pathet barang
  8. Tari Karonsih (Pathetan Wantah, Ketawang Pangkur Ngrenas, laras pelog pathet lima; Gangsaran, laras pelog pathet lima/barang; Ketawang Kinanthi Sandhung, Gendhing Lambangsari minggah kethuk 8, Ladrang Sigramangsah, laras pelog pathet barang)
  9. Bubaran Udan Mas, laras pelog pathet barang