2002 The Banishment of Sekar Taji

Performance details

  • Time and date:
    8.15 pm, 16 August 2002 & 2.15 pm, 17 August 2002
  • Venue:
    The Studio, Sydney Opera House
  • Presenter:
    Australian Institute of Eastern Music
  • Director:
    Vi King Lim
  • Description:
    A Javanese tale told through traditional gamelan music and dance. From the dream world of medieval Java comes the story of the princess Sekar Taji, banished to the mountain of Jambangsan where she spends her days meditating in solitude. She yearns for her husband, the prince Panji, to the point where she decides to break her meditation and leave the mountain in search of him. Sekar Taji’s journey takes her into the forest below where Panji is hunting; but their reunion is not as easy as she imagined for she has aroused the passions of the evil king Klana on the way. Concept, dance choreography and musical arrangement by Vi King Lim. Script by Vi King Lim and Rachel Blackman. Costumes and make-up by Vi King Lim and Tracy Kinchington.


  • Dancers:
    Grace Hadiwijaya (Sekar Taji), Vi King Lim (Klana), Tabitha Williams (Panji)
  • Musicians:
    Anne Bourke, Jason Clarke, Di Fairley, Kim Frost, Prue Gibbs, Roger Gilchrist, Soegito Hardjodikoro, Tracy Kinchington, Vanessa Lahey, Vi King Lim, Janine Marshman, Jacqueline Morton, Frank Regan, Savita Sanderson, David Shannon, Thomas Stewart, Suhadji, Thomas Sutomo, Danny Yee
  • Narrator:
    Rachel Blackman
  • Techical assistance:
    Robert O’Hearn, Paul Ovenden, Ian Perlman, Oliver Strewe


Part I
The princess Sekar Taji has been banished to the mountain of Jambangan, where she spends her days in solitary meditation. Overwhelmed by sadness, she wakes from her meditation and pines for her husband, the prince Panji. When she gazes at the golden fan which Panji made for her, she is filled with even greater longing for him and resolves to leave the mountain to look for him, if only to see him once. As she leaves the mountain, the evil king Klana spies her and falls in love with her immediately. He desires her as his wife and tries to capture her. Sekar Taji escapes leaving Klana empty-handed and torn by the conflicting emotions borne by his state of infatuation. He rushes off in pursuit of her.


Part II
Deep in the forest below the mountain, Panji is in the midst of a hunting trip. He stops by a stream to rest. Sekar Taji appears and seeing him, she approaches only to discover that he does not recognise her. Expecting that he should know who she is, Sekar Taji appeals to Panji several times without mentioning her name but he remains unaware of her identity and continues his rest. Klana arrives suddenly, surprises the weeping Sekar Taji who drops the golden fan, and manages to capture her this time. Seeing the fan, Panji finally realises who Sekar Taji is and comes to the rescue. Panji fights a duel with Klana and ends up injuring him with his bow and arrow, sending him humiliated back to his kingdom. Panji and Sekar Taji unite in a moment of bliss but in a flash Sekar Taji finds herself alone back on the mountain of Jambangan. She realises that her journey and meeting had all been a dream and that she must resign herself to her meditation.


  1. Ladrang Slamet, laras pelog pathet lima
  2. Gendhing Tejasari kethuk 2 kerep, laras pelog pathet lima
  3. Pathetan Wantah, laras pelog pathet lima
  4. Ketawang Pangkur Ngrenas, laras pelog pathet lima
  5. Gangsaran, laras pelog pathet lima malik laras slendro pathet nem
  6. Lancaran Rena-Rena, laras slendro pathet nem
  7. Ketawang Kinanthi Sandung, laras slendro pathet manyura
  8. Srepegan, laras slendro pathet nem
  9. Ketawang Subakastawa, laras slendro pathet sanga
  10. Ketawang Sinom Parijatha, laras slendro pathet sanga
  11. Kemudha, laras pelog pathet barang
  12. Ayak-Ayakan Mangu, laras pelog pathet barang
  13. Ladrang Enggar-Enggar, laras pelog pathet barang
  14. Ketawang Gondhang Kasih mawi iringan kemanak, laras pelog pathet lima