2000 Lands of Gold

Performance details

  • Time and date:
    1 pm, 14 October 2000
  • Venue:
    Art Gallery of New South Wales
  • Director:
    Vi King Lim
  • Description:
    Javanese gamelan and dance performance in conjunction with The Asian Arts Society of Australia’s Symposium Lands of Gold.


  1. Ladrang Slamet, laras pelog
    A traditional welcoming piece.
  2. Beksan Sekar Rinonce (Ketawang Subakastawa, laras pelog pathet nem)
    Like “flowers strung together”, the graceful movements of this courtly dance unfold in a visual meditation.
  3. Gendhing Raranjala, laras pelog pathet lima
    The characteristic texture of the gamelan, sonorous and lucid as bells, is most evident here in the ancient gendhing bonang style in which the gongs lead and punctuate.
  4. Tari Gunungsari (Gendhing Bondhet kethuk 2 kerep minggah 4 kalajengaken kebaran Bondhet Mataraman diseling Ladrangan, laras pelog pathet nem)
    A character dance depicting the dual nature of Gunungsari, a figure from Javanese legend, who is calm and collected at one moment, playful and flighty at the next.
  5. Ayak-Ayakan Ngelik, laras pelog pathet barang
    Used to close a performance, this stirring piece is played here in the style which accompanies the shadow-puppet theatre.